Azafran Books was established with a clear aim in mind – to make available a selection of classic books for today’s contemporary readers. The books in our catalogue have been selected from a broad range of themes; such as philosophy (occidental & oriental), mysticism & magic, new thought, religion & spirituality, folktales, mythology, cult fiction, poetry, social commentary, and psychology. Yet they all have a common theme, or purpose – to stimulate our thinking and modes of perception. For this reason, they have been chosen to be re-published and re-presented to the modern reader.

Most of the books published by us are currently out of copyright, and may be found as digital files in the public domain. We make no disguise of this fact. And if you wish to glance at a digital copy, perhaps for curiosity sake, then we may suggest that you find a free copy to download from the Internet. We, at Azafran Books, prefer to offer a service in presenting these books in a new, updated format, as modern, well-designed and pleasing paperbacks. It is our intention that the books we publish are pleasing to the eye as well as a pleasure to read. Many of the re-published books in our catalogue will have specially written introductions or forwards, in order to introduce the new reader to the material. Moreover, each new edition has been carefully edited and formatted to the highest of standards – by a ‘real person’ and not by a computer program! In this way, we hope to offer a service. For those readers who would prefer to spend a little money to buy an affordable book, we make efforts to place a pleasantly designed copy in your hands at not much more cost than the price of printing a copy yourself from a digital file.

Our aim at Azafran Books is to bring a range of stimulating books, many of them largely forgotten, to the attention of the reader today. In other words, to bring you ‘Classic Books for a Contemporary World.


We hope you enjoy this reading experience…