The Book of the Lover and the Beloved is a stand-alone piece from LLull’s major work, and magnum opus, Blanquerna, which is the first major work to be written in Catalan. This small book is a collection of beautiful and enigmatic prose poems which represent Llull’s contribution to mystic literature. It consists of 366 love poems, each one a daily meditation and reflection for each day of the year.

The Book of the Lover and the Beloved comes across as a book of mystical confessions, based upon Llull’s personal experiences as well as his knowledge of many wisdom traditions. Some have said that Llull’s writings, and this work in particular, were influenced by the stream of Sufism that Llull had contact with. Whatever the origin, this book remains a classic of mystical literature and can be regarded as a guide to personal contemplation.

This edition is translated and introduced by the scholar E. Allison Peers.

Publisher: Azafran