The writings and visions of Jacob Boehme are now seen as forming a path of Christian theosophy, as distinct from Christian mysticism. Boehme understood his visions because he felt and lived them as well as seeing them (with the inner eye). It was also a reaction to the rising theocracy and hierarchy of religious institutions at the time. At the heart of his vision are the archetypal struggle of forces between Goodness and Evil, and the forces that hinder Humankind’s evolutionary struggle toward reunification with the Divine. Boehme was neither a monk, a preacher, or anyone of theological status – he was a simple artisan who had no formal education. He was also a family man. The point to note here is that Boehme represented the ‘Everyman’ and as such also represented the individual ‘direct’ path to access divine consciousness. In this way, he is often seen as part of the lineage referred to as inner alchemy or the Golden Thread. The physicist Basarab Nicolescu recently demonstrated the parallels between Boehme’s cosmology and quantum physics. This is a recognition that there is no discrepancy between modern science and metaphysical knowledge. Boehme was a beacon of inner light within a world of theological scholasticism.

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