Project Description

Karl von Eckhartshausen (1752-1803) was an 18th century German mystic, author, and philosopher who wrote extensively on esoteric topics. Born in Haimhausen, Bavaria, Eckartshausen initially studied philosophy and Bavarian civil law in Munich and Ingolstadt. This, his most famous work – The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary – is Christian mysticism veiled in hermetic code. This book later influenced the Order of the Golden Dawn, and many notable occultists. Eckhartshausen was said to have briefly been a member of the Bavarian Illuminati, but left for personal reasons. In this work he often mentions, in a cryptic manner, the existence of a “society of the Elect” which he states has existed from the very beginning of time. The members of this ‘invisible community’ recognize each other across the world and yet are mostly veiled from public awareness. Such a community, predicts Eckhartshausen, will one day form a theocratic republic, which will govern over the development of human civilization.

Veiled in the vocabulary of Christian mysticism, The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary is as relevant today as when it was written – if the reader can penetrate into the essence of the book.